De Gogue

De Gogue
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The De Gogue is a variation on the Chambon. It is attached to girth by a leather loop which passes up from the girth between the horses front legs, this divides at the chest into two pieces of cord that pass up either side of the neck to two little pulleys either side of a padded headpiece attached to the top of the bridle, the cords then run down either side of the horses face and pass through the bit rings of the snaffle and back down to rings on the Martingale piece at the horses chest.

When used properly the De Gogue can help to raise the base of the horse’s neck, free the shoulders, produce greater engagement and flexion of the hock, and encourage muscled development of a rounded top-line. It acts on the bit and the poll, but unlike the Chambon, also causes the face to be pulled into a balanced, vertical profile.

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